Welcome to the Daniel Center.

Welcome! With this phrase I can, as a parent, describe you.

I am the mother of a 5-year-old child, with whom from the very beginning, besides the joy of birth, weights also appeared!

After months of suffering and frustration, I found you … the Daniel Center!

Here you met us with open arms, you provided support for both the child and us as parents!
When I arrived at the Daniel Center, the child beside diabetes insipidus, gastro-esophageal reflux and muscle hypotrophy, was also unhappy to be like all the other healthy children. Hestill didn’t have the confidence to walk alone, to overcome obstacles, to talk, to manifest himself at home.

Here in your center, besides a speech therapist and physiotherapist, he has found friends. The basic relationship is friendship.

Through friendship he found his smile and motivation to evolve. In addition to the friendship with the staff of the center, he also created other friends with other children.

Little by little, he has discovered his self-confidence, and he no longer sees a complex child with so many weaknesses.

Smile and motivation, we also found ourselves as parents!

The joy of the child’s evolution has also become our joy. Here at the center Daniel, us as mothers, listened to each other’s life stories, difficulties and tried to lift each other.

In the Daniel Center, I found friendship, professionalism, devotion, involvement, cooperation, and above all humanity.

I, as a parent and on behalf of my child, thank you for being there, for discovering you, and I wish you a long continuation of the story inside the Daniel Center.

Power and confidence, you can gather from the smiles of the children who have evolved because of your involvement, and especially from the smiles of the parents who have learned (?) to accept the difficulties, to face them with the children, and to overcome them with much more motivation.

Thank you Daniel Center for being there.

Gorie David, 5 years old.

Andrei, a divine gift ...

Having a child with disabilities is certainly a challenge that life launches without a right of appeal and which, regardless of the circumstances in which it happens, we have to deal with it. At times when you do not understand what’s going on with you and with your child, it’s important to meet the people you can cling to and to bring you to the surface.This is exactly what I met at “Daniel Centre”, who is the second home for me …

When I say “Daniel Centre” I say my peace and the progress of my child. I am Andrei’s mother, a special child, waited with much love and impatience, a child who also offers quietness and love to those around him.

We come to the Center for 6 years now … beautiful years in which we discovered together with Andrei that there are people devoted to his fellows.

I do not even know what his evolution would have been without therapy. Here I found an example in Mrs. President, a strong woman with a wonderful character, who managed to make me understand that there are no limits for your child!

Life is not exactly the way we plan it, but if you know how to see its beautiful side, then it can become a perfect life for you.

Thank you for all your support!

The story of MARIA IRINA

Hello! My name is Chiriac Alina Veronica and I am the mother of MARIAI IRINA, the most wonderful girl in the world. Our story begins as follows:

When I found out I was pregnant, I was the happiest woman in the world, noting that “MY SUNSHINE (as I like to say)” was a long-awaited and wanted child. The months passed, and then it was time to hold “OUR LITTLE PRINCESS”, it was wonderful!

We enjoyed it every day. The years have passed and at the age of 2 and a half, we realized that something is wrong. Maria did not speak, did not react when we called her name, and from here begins “our nightmare as parents”. We went to the doctor and he gave us the “diagnostic center for” T.S.A. and a mild mental retardation ”, which was very difficult to accept.

Through the recommendation of other people I learned about the DANIEL CENTER. At the age of 3 years I started the therapies, and now after 1 year and 7 months of therapies, the results are beginning to be seen.

DANIEL CENTER has given us hope, confidence, moral support, transparency in everything they do and I have nothing left to do than to thank them from the bottom of my heart to Mrs. RACHERU IOANA, psyco-pedagogue and VRÂNCIANU BRÂNDUȘA , physiotherapist, for their help and all their dedication and professionalism.

Once again, thousands of thanks to DANIEL CENTER , thank you for existing and giving us hope to all parents who have “SPECIAL children”.

May the Good God give you much health and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will continue your activity many years from now.

Thank you!

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